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A certified youtuber (CHANNEL NAME SHIVAM SINGH )having fan base 125k susbscribers .The channel is all about motivational videos,inspirational ,love songs and fitness .


@iamshubhambharti is also known as the Blogger and Influencer through instagram social platform and currently fifty plus brand collaborations undergoes in it,he have proven deeply effective in reaching engaged audiences through Instagram. Because he build authentic connections with followers and are experts in content that performs, Instagram influencers can help brands communicate with audiences with targeted, tailored messaging. Whether he boosting brand awareness, promoting specific products or events, or driving engagement, marketing with Instagram influencers helps brands reach audiences on a platform which is already look to for inspiration and recommendations .

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Keep smiling and keep eating @lays@lays_india 😍
When we talk about snack/ waffers, the first comes in our mind is @lays .
Always love eating American Style Cream and Onion flavour.
Whenever I think of shopping before I am traveling somewhere, first in my list is packets of LAYS.

Best part of Lays is that they offer amazing flavours to us isn’t?

What’s you favorite Lays flavour and Lays Memories??.

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iamshubhambharti is a platform connecting brands and influencers that brands to reach the right audiences by matching them with the right influencers resulting in massive growth. They help social media enthusiasts and creators to sell branded content and in the process become a brand themselves. . ❤
Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I have worked very hard to gain the skills and experience necessary to do this job well, and I am grateful that my efforts have been noticed and rewarded.✨
I’m very excited by my new role and look forward to learning as much as possible and fulfilling your expectations of me.Thank you so much for having faith in me and my abilities — I know I will continue to learn from you.

Music is an art

Collaboration with boat nirvana

“boAtheads” are the pillars upon which our foundation has been built. What makes a boAthead? That would be the trendsetters, a person that likes to make his/her presence known. The ones who love to rock out and have fun, to fearlessly dig deep and stay en-grained to their own truths. boAt’s distinct sound has brought known faces into our midst, showing that the love for good music is a universal one

Plugging Into Nirvana is not an escape to an ending, but rather an entry to the beginning. Everyone is living in the now, in this world that never stops moving. The ones that don’t give up, laugh in the face of adversity and grow through the struggle are our very own boAtheads!
A lifestyle brand started in 2015 that deals in fashionable consumer electronics. The product range has expanded to include an extensive catalog of headphones, earphones, speakers, travel chargers & premium cables. The brand has been gaining traction while riding the waves of Nirvana in the Audio Electronics sector. The average boAthead is prevalent across a number of categories.

About vishalmegamart

If you don’t like the crowded streets of Haridwar where you struggle to find what you need, Vishal Mega Mart may be the place you want to get to. It is a supermart which sells goods at extremely low prices. Some of the famous and must buy things from the shopping center include the ready made clothes they sell. You can even contact the people who handle the store, and they shall let you know about the best deals and offers that are currently going on. Vishal mega mart is a multi-product retail store where you can find clothes for all men, women, and kids. Along with it, the store also has footwear, perfumes and handbags, household items and even gifts.

Allow the passion to become your purpose, and that purpose will one day become your profession! 🇮🇳
We are all working towards that! Isn’t it ? .
📸- @mr_fitness_freak

When black Makes You Glow.💥
Activewear :@vishalmegamart_official 📸 .

Perfumes ambassodar program

Freshness, nature and joy come together once again this time of year. Celebrate This Spring With the new launched Wings Perfume by ✨🔥 @theperfumeto
On YouTube link

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Fashion blogger

“I love working with brands on creating engaging stories to entertain and
excite my readers”. With over 4 years of experience in the modelling
industry and 2 years in marketing is the perfect blogger for your
campaign. With a great eye for visuals, he always tries to go beyond
expectations to deliver an amazing project.

wings perfumes

 We believe in natural Luxury✨💖